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I was referred to Julie by my chiropractor to help relieve pain from IT band syndrome, a common overuse injury for runners. I was midway through my marathon training, and as my training mileage added up, so did my level of soreness and pain. I knew my physician would likely recommend a break from running, which was not an option, so I opted for massage therapy. Thanks to Julie's expert hands, and extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, I was able to continue my training and complete my race.

Her work is deep, precise and very therapeutic. She was able to release the soft tissue in order to give me overall muscle balance. By doing this, she was able to combat my muscle pain, while increasing my flexibility and improving my overall running technique. I continue to see Julie for regular tune-ups as I train for other events. She has taught me specific stretches to help me manage my IT band syndrome and continue running.

Amy S.

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